Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Invisible Mercedes - F Cell Hybrid Car

This video is quite popular over the Internet right now. I have seen this popping up on facebook, youtube and also twitter. Looks like the marketing department in Mercedes-Benz must be having a field day with this one. The company claims that the car is a Fuel cell with Zero emissions. People are more interested in the invisibility that is put up over the car. I am sure the people in Germany had an amazing first hand experience for a whole one week with this car. Now the folks over the internet will try to get a first hand experience with viewing the video over the internet. There is an article on this on hybrid cars website.If that itself is not enough then the facebook page for the official Mercedes Benz F cell is another place to visit. The technology behind the invisibility in pretty nice one. On one side you coat the car with LEDs and on the other side a camera (here they use Canon). The image taken is immediately displayed over the LED giving a sense of a see through. (Reminds me of Ninja Camouflage 101) Anyways here is the video.

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