Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Blog related to Quotes

Just made a new blog related to interesting quotes I come across. They can be in reality or from a Movie, Anime, Actors, Ordinary people or anything. As long as they are interesting and worth something to read and remember, they will be available on the blog. Hope you all will give it a chance. Just give it a quick peek.

Quotable Quotes --> Click This.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ad: Motorla Rokr

This Ad which stars Abhishek Bachan has an interesting twist. I do like the head movements made by Abhishek throughout the ad, even the music gives an added flavour to it. I am not sure how good is the Motorola Rokr's wireless headset but I guess it gives people another accessory for the cellphones. The above Ad is around a minute long.

This Ad is the next in series to Abhishek Bachan's Motorola Rokr which lasts for around 15 seconds.

Hailstones in Bangalore

Around a week back, first drops of rain were witnessed in Bangalore. That didn't help much in reducing the temperature in Bangalore. The only thing that occurred was plenty of power outages which recovered properly within a day. But today's sudden hailstorm which lasted for a few minutes in the evening should bring the temperature down. After that it has been raining throughout the evening until night. Hopefully this will benefit Bangalore as one of the positive things that could be seen is that the amount of Power outages were at minimum.

Let's see how the coming days turn out.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Mumbai Airport's Int. Terminal

Last time when I was traveling from Mumbai Airport's International Terminal, I found the seating arrangement pretty comfortable. These seats were better as it gave people complete rest compared to any of the seats I have come across on other airports terminals. First of all many flights are scheduled at late nights or early dawn. The thing about International flights are the check-in time is 2-3 hours prior to the flight takeoff due to luggage check-in and immigration clearance. Therefore lots of passengers are deprived of their sleep. This kind of seating arrangement atleast give people some shut eye. Apart from these seating arrangements, there are plenty of food joints like Subway, Little China and many more. I hope other airports around the country and the world come up with some of these seating arrangements so as to assist the already exhausted passengers.