Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Signboards of these days

My friend when returning back home found this sign put up infront of a shop. Seeing this sign he couldn't help but take a snap from his cellphone. Who says camera cellphones don't come in handy? This statement of "Buy one Take one free" is an awesome technique of making people to stop for a moment and check it out. I really could doubt about this being a mistake as for a Shopkeeper 2 words are always embedded in their minds - Buy or Sell. There are many more tacky lines which capturing people's view for a few minutes. It's just that we need to stop for a moment and look.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Services to improve by BMTC

The famous BMTC - Bangalore Metropolitian Transport Corporation which has a very high success rate compared to its counterparts in Mumbai and Delhi has been working very hard. They have been improving there services and facilities as they might little later on stand in competition with the Metro Rail which should be function by 2009 and fully active by 2013 (If no delays are seen). Until then BMTC is really working out their options.

Recently they have started off with the Volvo bus service within the city for some 5 routes. Mainly catering the ITPL area in Whitefield and also Electronic City from Kempegowda Bus Station near the City Railway Station. It has shown a great response among people due to the congested and polluted air on the streets. This has let BMTC to increase the amount of round trips on a route. I guess things are really looking up for Bangaloreans who wish to have an A/C feel on the streets of Bangalore.

There has been some improvement with the new buses which are completly in Blue. These buses have mentioned major bus stoppages on the side of the bus in English and Kannada. This is amazing as most of the buses have only Kannada writing on the top of the buses. These could easily improve over a period of time. In this city the bus transportation is going to play a major factor even in the future. One should travel during the early hours to really enjoy a bus trip as it avoid crowding in the bus and can get people to the destination on time due to the traffic problems.