Sunday, November 12, 2006

Performance of Shatabdi Trains

These are the train tickets from Bangalore to Katpadi and back. I had gone to visit my college VIT and had taken Shatabdi Express.

The only thing I needed to understand was why the prices varied as the distance was same. For Shatabdi, the place from where the ticket is purchased is also taken into consideration. Anyways Shatabdi services are good, as the whole train is A/C and has Chair car and Executive chair class only. Food is provided accordingly, like breakfast for the morning trains and dinner for the night train. Drinking water bottles are also provided which are kept cold. The new features introduced were the announcement of the upcoming stations over the speakers which have been provided in each car. This has helped a lot for passengers. Also people have been using the Mobile Charging sockets a lot as you can find them crowded, who knows the railway people might have to put up more sockets.

Finally the only thing I can say about the travelling experience by Shatabdi is that it was good and nice experience. I guess the trains still have lot of competition with the airline industry but still the railways have not been making any loses.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

CNBC: News on the Loose

This is a 3 minute program which comes on CNBC TV-18 from Monday to Friday. But I watch it on weekends when they sum up the whole weeks news. The weekend show is at 8:30 pm IST or at midnight. The anchor of the show is Vir Das and he has some other colleagues along with him to make parodies out of the week's news. It is really good for giving a hearty laugh. The original idea comes from the American show of Comedy Central - The Daily show with Ron Stewart. It is a must see show, give it a try once.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

New VIT Main gate

Last week I had visited my college and found some new changes or developments. First of all, the main gate had been modified. This picture shows the left side of the gate. The gate is pretty huge to show on one pic. Even my seniors find themselves lost if they show up in college as it has changed a lot. Lots of new staffs and buildings. I guess this is how things work. Hope these new pictures will help.

This picture shows the right side of the gate. Nearly similar to the left side.