Saturday, October 18, 2008

Throwing into Dustbin

I was returning home and a couple of people walking before me were having some flyers in their hands. After reading they dropped it onto road and footpath while the dustbin was just a few steps away. What was strange was that they were not the only people doing so and the road & footpath looked like a mess.

Flyers are a way of advertisement for any business establishment - big or small. The only best thing I like about flyers is that they are made of Recycled papers. Any shop, market, clinic, restaurant and even individuals use these flyers for advertisements. They are distributed on the roads, infront of ones house, masjids, churches, markets etc...

I remember another incident on Brigade road Bangalore quite a while ago. I was walking with my friend Silv3rStag and we had just finished eating a sandwitch. We have a habit of dropping the sandwitch wraps or any kind of paper into a dustbin but in this case couldn't find one. We had to walk upto a restaurant and drop it into a dustbin available there. Recently when I dropped by on Brigade road, I found that dustbins were placed at every few meters. The logo on the dustbin was of McDonald's. So finally when McDonald's recently opened its Brigade branch, it was the only one which thought of putting dustbins throughout the Brigade road compared to the old and existing brand names. Also Brigade road has a shopping association which make major decisions with regard to lighting and decorations on that road and hadn't thought about it.

People need to put a little more effort to keep their own surroundings and environment clean. People need to think of how they pay so much attention to their homes as compared to the surroundings.