Saturday, February 24, 2007

Movie: Ghost Rider

This movie got released in India just yesterday on 23rd. I really wanted to see this as I am a fan of comics and wanted to see whether another comic character could be successfully brought to action movies. I got to see it on yesterday itself in the night at the theaters.

The concept of the a person selling his soul to the devil for saving the life of his loved one is not new. This movie is kind of a combination of Faust and Constantine. The Devil's son Black Heart wants to take over the earth and the Devil himself is against this. The devil decides that he will release the soul of Blaze Jr. if he stops Black Heart and for this purpose forces Blaze to become Ghost Rider, a bounty hunter of the devil. The form of Ghost rider can be attained only in the night time when the presence of evil is at its peak.

The action sequences are good for watching but in overall the movie is a 5/10 which is an average, can be watched once in theaters. The action sequence keep us in the seats for this movie.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Myth: Indian Programmers

This article was there in The Times of India on Page 6 of the 19th February 2007 edition. My friends who work in the IT sector read it and wanted me to publish it onto the Internet so that they can suggest it to others. It is a good article and shows the dark side of the IT/Software Industry in India.

A myth called the Indian programmer-The Times of India This is the online link for the article.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Movie: The Holiday

This weekend I tagged along with my friends to watch the movie 'The Holiday' in the theatre. Initially before I saw the movie, I thought it would be a drama kind of movie. But after watching the movie, I really have a good opinion about it. It can be categorised under romantic comedy.

The main stars of the movie are Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black. This movie can be watched as it deals about problems faced within relationship of couples. The best thing in the movie is the amount of small time humours throughout which makes the movie interesting.

Anime fever

I have been a fan of Cartoons and Animes for a long time. I remember the cartoons like Thundercats, Voltron, Grendizer, Captain Tsubasa, Tom & Jerry, Popeye and other cartoons which I used to watch when I was a kid. Anyways now I get to see a lot more animes due to the Animax channel.

The best thing about the animes is the variety of story lines they provide. There are many choices one gets to see like action, adventure, romance, mystery, sports and many other categories. I have seen many animes and like a lot of them. I guess if I start naming each of the animes then the list would be endless. But I can name a few from post to post with some info.

In a mystery related anime, I did like Detective School Q as they came up with beautiful concepts of murder mysteries. They were really challenging and entertaining. The other things about the animes is the number of episodes they are made of. The list is usually like

  • Half Season which comprises of 13 episodes
  • One full season which comprises of 26 episodes
  • and multiples of either 13 or 26.
  • Last but least customised number of episodes for an anime.

For information regarding the Animes, I usually refer to Wikipedia as they have a lot of info on animes and also that I am a regular user of Wikipedia. Ofcourse not every anime can be found on that website itself, so I usually google it to see information regarding those animes. Like number of Episodes, main characters and also the information on the themes and songs of the anime.

Each of the Japanese animes are initially made into a Manga (the word comics in Japanese) and then created into Animes. I would really like to read Manga but none are available in the Indian Markets (even if available less number of variety and copies). So I guess I can spend time watching animes only. There are many more stuff I need to talk about regarding Animes. See you until next post.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Aero India 2007

The Aero India 2007 show was held between 7th to 11th February. I attended the show on Saturday, 10th February with couple of my friends. We thought of reaching there in the morning around 10am so that we can see the planes in action between 11am and 1 pm. But as being a weekend and most of them attending the Aero India show, the roads were jammed. We reached there at around 11:45 am, found a parking space and went to see the show and the exhibition.

In 2005, I had attended the 5th Aero India show. The difference between this years and 2005 show was the inclusion of some new exhibits and some planes. The one I found attractive was the MIG-29 OVTS or the so called MIG-35. Their performance was beautiful when compared to the F-16 Fighting Falcons and F-18 Super Hornet. Even the new fighter aircraft Grephen made by the swedish company was in display. The flying by this plane was also amazing.

In the exhibition area, the presentations and prototype models were on display. Lots of electronic gadgets, engine designs and other accessories were on display. In the Indian exhibit section, HAL displayed there latest prototypes including the new Light Combat Helicopter. If they really produce these then this could prove very advantageous for combat. Supposedly HAL will be producing 70 of these by 2009 which will be under use by the military. This Helicopter gave a very close resemblance to the Apache and Cobra Helicopters which are used for Air to Surface and Air to Air attacks. These are used to take out ground forces like infantry, trucks and even tanks.

I am sure that the next Aero India show in 2009 will be more entertaining with some new flying skills and also some cool exhibits meant for viewing for visitors.

Time Flies...

It's been a month since I wrote a post. It's funny as I have plenty to write but have been lazy. Lots of things have happened so far. I am not talking about the world news just other things. I visited the Aero India 2007 show which took place in Bangalore. I will write some details in another post.

As for Bangalore, now some changes are being seen as the road widening project and re-tarring of the roads are taking place all over. These are the visible changes, just hope that the condition of these roads last for some time. As for the Metro Rail, I just see signboards placed around Bangalore without much changes. Let's hope that the year 2007 turns out good for Bangalore.