Thursday, March 29, 2007

Low cost Airlines

Recently I went on an air journey and chose the low cost Airlines to travel and what an experience I had. I had to take a domestic flight and also an international one. Both the flights were low cost airlines. I will even give some info on the airport taxes that were charged.

My domestic flight was an Air Deccan flight. It was my first time on an Air Deccan. When getting my baggages checked I came to know that the allowed luggage for check-in was 15kgs and 10kgs for the hand baggages. It was shocking for me as the international standard and other domestic airline's charge is 20kgs for check-in baggages and 5kgs for hand baggages. Even after tell them that they could work out the maths that the total is 25 going through their Air-Deccan plane, they still charged me with extra for above 15kgs. The rates for the extra are Rs 70 per kg. Here I wish to point out that the airport taxes for domestic flights were Rs 1250 per flight and is supposed to be hiked. It really messes up with people's heads when airlines announce ticket fares of Rs 500 and one has to add the airport tax to dish out from their pockets. The other amazing thing is the Shotgun technique used for getting seats. The boarding passes issued at the Check-in counter doesnot contain a Seat number so whoever reaches first on the plane gets the seat. And everyone knows how human we are when we want seats, be it a plane or a bus.

Also when traveling abroad, I chose a low cost airline as it has become popular. Jazeera Airways is the one. The prices on the tickets compared to the normal fares of other airlines is atleast half or even more less. The fleet is all new Airbus 320's, currently having 5 planes and 6 are in order and are awaiting delivery. In this case also when I was flying out of Mumbai airport, the airport taxes were atleast Rs 3600 while on my way back the airport tax in Kuwait was hiked to the amount after conversion of Rs 2500. This tax was also more than the price of the ticket I had purchased for in both cases (to and fro).

Here is the fun fact, since the prices of the tickets are low as ofcourse it is called Low cost Airlines, there will be no entertainment or food given to the passengers as it is not included in the ticket. The only way to get the food would be to purchase it from the flight crew that is the Steward and Stewardess. I agree that these flight members are professionals but this makes them look like Salesmen selling items on board. The price of these items will be costly making one feel to bring things from home. A coffee or tea also costs amazing. In Jazeera Airways as the journey was long, there were screens provided overhead for watching. The only catch was that for the sound one has to purchase a headset. The other thing was that since it was late night travel, usually the lights are dimmed so that people could sleep. But here the lights were kept on full as the salesmen went on to work and wanted the passengers to be awake throughout their sales pitch. Eventually just some time before landing the lights were switched off for people to take some rest. I was even worried if I could ask for water thinking they will charge heavy prices for it. But I am really grateful that was the only thing that was not charged.

I guess eventually for every good there is something bad. If one wants to cut down on the prices of the air tickets then they should be understanding enough to handle the pressure of all that which will be thrown by the Low cost Airlines.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Rave: Wrong meaning

The original meaning of Rave Party is : A dance party that lasts all night and electronically synthesized music is played. Few of the people and groups which are associated with Rave music are Prodigy, DJ Tiƫsto, Paul Van Dyk, Apex Twins and many more.

With the drug bust in a rave party in Pune a week back, the meaning of Rave has now been associated with narcotic drugs. This is completely wrong as in general the indian public has no idea what is the meaning of Rave. Now whenever the word rave will be mentioned or a Rave party will take place, people will think that Drugs are being used in such a place.

I am a music fan and love Rave music, so wanted to let people know that not to make up their minds about the Rave music, based on Media reports associating it with drugs. Narcotic drugs are not only used in this kind of party but can be found in use in a lot of high profile Celebrity parties. The only thing is that the corruption level is so high within the police ranks that those kind of parties are left alone. When the police are really interested in busting Drug peddlers then they should do it uniformly by raiding all kinds of parties. I am not telling how the cops should work, but only that these kind of parties are not a secret and is known publicly.

The funny thing I found regarding the Pune Rave Party bust is that the cops (Pune and Mumbai) and also the Media knew about it, way in advance like a couple of days and still couldnot plan it properly so that they could get the drug peddlers. The ones who were arrested were the group of students and professionals who probably might be using the drugs or the organisers of the party.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

CBSE board exams commences

New month begins and lots of things are happening including the start of the CBSE board exams. Brings back some good memories like writing my boards, can't say that the exams were always great but the memories were great.

Over 5 lakh students are writing the 12th CBSE board exams while 7 lakh students are getting prepared to write their 10th CBSE board. With a lot of changes happening every year related to the exam patterns and comfort for the students. Now 15 minutes before the exam begins, the students get the question paper so that they can go through it. This helps them in making up there mind for answering the optional questions. I guess as time moves forward the board will try many more moves to ease the mind of the students.