Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fifa World Cup 2006

The Fifa World cup has taken everything by storm. This times Fifa World cup which is in Germany and 12 stadiums has been chosen in which 64 matches will take place. Even Fifa has Yahoo as the official Internet Sponsor and the official Website is FIFA WORLD CUP 2006.

In India this World cup is more popular as the media has been covering it heavily with news on the front page and ofcourse the dedicated Sports pages for the Fifa World Cup. Everyone has been talking about the matches and have been showing their support for one team or the another. This is really in contrast to the fanatic nature shown for Cricket in India. I hope that due this enthusiastic response shown by people towards the game of football, helps India in improving it football squad. The game of football has been played in India since a long time but the attention given by people has deteriorated due to the excessive media attention to Cricket and BCCI which is the richest Sports governing body in the world.

The other things that are have been making news are the Sports Fever shown by people and also by different brands. Like this pic shows Nike showing off its Fifa World cup fever. This particular car has been placed infront of the Nike showroom on Brigade Road, Bangalore for show to the people. This has been placed since the time the world cup began. It is a real eye catcher which makes people to wait a minute to check it out. Everyone trys to figure it our intially whether the Ball fell on the car to make it look like this or was it designed in such a way.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Some useful websites

I was seeing BBC channel the other day when I came across this website on the show "Click". OnlineNewspapers.com is an amazing site if you want to find the link to any newspaper of any country around the world. Just select the country and they will display you the newspaper name. On clicking it you will be taken to the main page of that official website of that newspaper. I really found this useful.

Talking about websites, I just wanted to inform that Digit Magazine is celebrating its 5th Anniversary. Therefore this months magazine is Rs 200 but with a lot of features. Just check it out on the website or atleast check the magazine out. Anyways while we are talking about Digit, we can also include about its sister magazine Skoar. I have heard recently about the major gaming expo that is going to be held in Bangalore's Kanteerva Stadium from 7-9 July 2006. I am sure many might show up to see what so entertaining about all this. Atleast I have really seen the adrenaline rush going through gamers when LAN games were held in the college hostels or fests.