Wednesday, May 30, 2007

May passes by

This month came and went by without me writing any posts on this blog. I can't complain about being busy as it just takes some time to update a post. But still i have kept myself busy this month by finishing up some things that have been pending for quite a while. Also with the sudden thundershowers observed in Bangalore led to my internet connection getting disconnected for a couple of days. Therefore forcing me to keep my thoughts away from the internet.

This month my friend has been writing heavy amounts of posts on his blog. He is an amazing guy who finds a lot of interesting info on the internet. If any of the information on his blog doesn't help you then atleast it will be worthwhile for gaining knowledge from it. He is a major Google and Linux fan. I would suggest you to give this a try: Stumbles of a Stag. Also another try to his wordpress blog: A Stag's weblog.