Monday, July 23, 2007

Harry Potter 7 book

This day has finally come, the day when I would read the final book of Harry Potter. I had pre-ordered the book and picked it up in morning of Saturday. The book is as thick as the 6th book. The name itself makes one think of the detail adventure Harry will face throughout the book. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the final book which I have finished reading today. I made it a point to go into total Internet and media isolation once I picked up the book from the bookstore. The condition was the same during the 6th book in 2005. When I tried reading the 5th book in college, people just kept blurting out the end which was really depressing. So my reading of the 6th and 7th book have been satisfactory.

J.K.Rowling should be given amazing credit to finish this book under so much pressure and still bring a very satisfactory ending. While reading this book one feels the change happening from moment to moment. For example, while reading the book in the night just before sleeping, I got depressed with the story. But in the morning when I continued reading, the mood changed as the story took a change from one side to another. This keeps happening throughout the book. Also I am really amazed at the feeling one gets when waiting for a book over a long period of time.

This I will let people know that I am a cartoon and Anime fan, also I watch a lot of movies but apart from all that I do love reading books (ofcourse not the course materials) like novels and stories. People should learn to keep a balance in things, it is necessary for all. Books let people work on their imagination. One should ask the Harry Potter fans who read the first and second book before the movies had released. Anyways this book has brought a fitting end to this whole series.

Harry Potter 5

I started this post on 20th but am finishing it now. I was waiting to watch this movie somehow before the final book was going to get released (on 21st July 2007). The CGI effects used in the movie is amazing and I do give credit to the director for the movie but being a fan of the Harry Potter book (I am a fan but my friend is a more bigger fan and I consider him to be a authority on it.), i found the movie disappointing. The major reason being the modification of storyline. We found a lot of things different in the movie than compared to the book. In the previous movies the amount of changes made were less compared with the book. The best is the new sets like Minstry of Magic and the Room of Requirements.

The new set of actors who play the role of Luna Lovegood, Bellatrix Lestrange and Dolores Umbridge is amazing. Let's hope the next 2 parts will be kept more with line of the book.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Die Hard 4.0

Nice name for a title, Die Hard 4.0 as it deals with Cyber terrorism. Anyways initially I thought that the name of the movie is going to be 'Live Free and Die Hard'. Now the confusing thing is that the name being displayed in imdb or any other place is the latter while watching the movie in the theatre, the only name I saw was the previous one - Die Hard 4.0.

This is the latest in the Die Hard series and has proven enough to be considered a proper sequel. Just ten minutes into the movie and we get to see action and this goes throughout till the end. This is a proper action pack movie. This movie stars Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant (The guy who played detective in Gone in Sixty seconds and who says "Are you alright? Are you sure? 'Cause, you just went through a wall." He has also been seen in the movie 'The Girl next door'), Justin Long, Maggie Q and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The movie is with the typical storyline where Detective John McClane gets tragged into a situation and has to be "THAT GUY" to save the country and situation. Justin Long is a hacker who is being shoot at throughout the movie for writing an algorithm to bypass the Social Service's security. The one shooting are the bad guys and he doesn't get shot at until the end of the movie that also in his leg at close blank range. Timothy Olyphant has played a good role for a bad guy. Maggie Q has an awesome set of moves. In overall, this 2 hours and 10 minute movie is really fun to watch and a must see for all Die Hard fans.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dirty Politics

Since the time of Caesar in Rome, (This is from my memory, it is possible that politics existed way before this time) politics has played a major role. Be it a dictatorship or democracy, or be it a person in power or a person being overthrown, politics has played its part. With modern politics being played in almost all the countries of the world, one gets to see the competition between candidates trying to get the seat of power.

Every person keeps an eye on an election nowadays. When the presidential election in the United States of America takes places, not only the 250 million American voting population keep an eye on that election, but the rest of the world is also busy keeping track of it, irrespective of the time difference (be it Eastern Standard Time, or GMT or IST).

Now when we talk about the Indian Elections, that will be an unending topic of discussion. Let me come to the point. A president's position in India is a nominal position, which doesnot give any powers related to the passing of the laws but atleast is a powerful position to be recognised. In the last 60 years many great people have been presidents of India. But now the current national parties like the BJP and Congress and many others have put forth 2 candidates for the president's position. Worst is when all these parties start to play DIRTY POLITICS by slandering the images of opponent candidates. I agree that people have dark pasts which haunts them for the rest of their lives. This doesnot justify what each of the parties are doing. They are working really hard to create a damaging image of the opponent's candidate, which is degrading on the parties point of view.

Finally when either one of the candidates become the President of India, the image of the president will be thrashed. This will remain for the next 5 years, as the parties donot realise that spoiling the image for winning an election is not the only time it will be used. Every other country in the world will correlate that image with whomever becomes the president. Therefore giving a bad name to India.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Harry Potter

With the month of July comes amazing news of the release of Harry Potter's fifth movie installment. With the release set for 11th July in India and most of the other countries, it really builds up the anticipation for the final book release.

The Final Installment of the Harry Potter Book which is getting released on the 21st of July, a Saturday is duly being awaited by its fans. Like many I have pre-ordered the book couple of months back. But rumours have it that the book has leaked over the Internet, just a few days earlier. The final book is not being given the same security precautions like the sixth installment. I still remember than within hours of the release of the sixth book, pirated copies and also pdf file over internet were available. Anyways there is not many concerns related to the seventh book as the pre-order number has reached over 1.3 million copies already.

With the final book's release, it will finally end all the rumours and excitement one had, imagining about the end of the Harry Potter and his adventures. Recently I have been watching the making of the fifth installment movie over the Television. Most of the channels have been showing the making of the movie and the interviews with the cast. Everyone knows that the movies that are created based on books donot cover detail aspects of the story. I had just come across a thought that once all the seven installments of the movie are finished within the next 3-4 years, someone can make a TV series of Harry Potter. It's pretty general if one thinks about it. The set for Harry Potter has been created since the first movie and still remains. After the seventh movie, the same set which spans over 180 acres can be used for the TV series. A TV series is made in season which are of 26 episodes (either 22 minutes or 44 minutes per episode). Each season can explain one book. This way all the details in the book can be covered.